What Is The Best Toilet Paper When Traveling

13 Jun by Roger Lewis

What Is The Best Toilet Paper When Traveling

Honestly, many people are not that concerned about which type of toilet paper is the best. Most people are just satisfied with having something to clean themselves with after the use the bathroom. However, a consumer will know if they come across a shoddy or inferior toilet paper brand. After years of using toilet paper, people just have naturally developed a sense for what is a good quality product and what is bad like on the toto eco review. The following material will describe what consumers and the toilet paper industry consider to be good roll.

Toilet Paper Ratings According to Consumer Polls and Reports

There are many different types of toilet paper brands that receive a high rating. The brands differ because there are different polls that provide unique results. In 2013, ABC news conducted a poll on the best toilet paper. Their results revealed that White Cloud, Walmart’s Great Value Ultra Strong and Quilted Northern Ultra Plush were the top rated bathroom tissues. Other brands that ranked high are Angel Soft Bath Tissue, Cottonelle and Charmin. Another toilet paper product that did well was Scott bathroom tissue. Most of these major brands are well received by consumers.

Toilet Paper Brands that did not make the Cut

Keep in mind that most major toilet paper brands have ranked well in consumer evaluations, See now. Even though this is the case, generic toilet papers did not receive high remarks. Consumers generally turn to generic bathroom tissue when they cannot or do not want to spend more money on toilet tissue. People can instantly notice that generic tissues tend be constructed from a poorer quality of paper and is not as effective for cleaning as the major brands.

What makes a Good Toilet Paper Roll?

Toilet paper rolls that received a high consumer rating tend to have the following characteristics:

*Large rolls with at least 1,000 sheets

*They disintegrate fairly well within pipelines and the sewer

*They usually have 2 or more plies (sheets) for extra strength and padding

*The paper is soft and not abrasive or itchy

*The paper can easily be removed from the roll

These basic characteristics are what makes a good roll of toilet paper for most people.

What makes a roll of toilet paper bad

The following characteristics are usually associated with a bad brand of toilet paper.

*The paper is thin and only has one ply (not good for wiping)

*The paper irritates or scrapes the skin

*A person has to struggle to remove a sheet from the roll

*The roll is small and only has 250 sheets or less

*The paper might be thin and weak but it usually does not disintegrate within the pipes or sewers. Instead, it just builds up into a thick slushy material that clogs up drainage systems.

If a consumer purchases any type of toilet paper with these qualities, then they got a bad brand. Ultimately, most toilet paper brands are good enough to clean a person up in the right way.